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Burglar Bars

Gates2Go has been a part of a team that has been manufacturing burglar bars for more than 13 years. Below is our complete range of burglar bars and their technical details. All burglar bar products have a DIY option, or you may choose for Gates2Go to install them at the most affordable prices.

Deluxe Burglar Bars

The Deluxe Burglar Bars are the most popular window security product supplied by Gates2Go.

  • Completely fitted to the window reveal, the 19mm Deluxe sports a similar aesthetic design to that of an expandable security door. It is installed to be fixed on all 4 sides and cannot open and close.
  • The Deluxe burglar-proofing barriers have the additional option of being protected against corrosion with electro-galvanised or galvanised treatments. This comes highly recommended for coastal areas where there is regular high humidity.
  • Standard colour options: White, Sand, Bronze, and Charcoal. Any other colours can be done on request.

Aluminum Burglar Bars

Another of our popular products, the Aluminium window bars are the most sought after for homes that are close to coastal areas.

  • Similar to the Deluxe Burglar Bars, the All-Aluminium Burglar Bars are fitted on all 4 sides in the window reveal. Once installed, they cannot open or close.
  • Standard colour options: White, Sand, Bronze, and Charcoal. Any other colours can be done on request.

Duplus Burglar Bars

Features a Double Upright using two 12mm steel tubing instead of the single 19mm tubing. This guarantees better security and extra strength.

  • Fitted on all 4 sides of the window reveal with a design that is similar to that of an expandable security door. The 12mm Double Upright design cannot open or close.
  • Standard colour options: White, Sand, Bronze, and Charcoal. Any other colours can be done on request.

Econo Burglar Bars

The Econo Burglar Bars are designed to cover open sections of a window or the entire window frame. These are ideal if you want to safeguard against intruders entering through a window. They can be fitted to any new or existing window frame.

  • The crossbars for the Econo Bars are manufactured from 12mm Square or Round Steel. The side frames and middle bars are manufactured from 22mm square tubing. For extra durability and savings on cost, the bars are fitted into pre-cut holes in the side frames. This eliminates the need for welding spots, making them stronger and unbreakable.
  • Econo Burglar Bars feature several tubing designs – square, twist, or round steel bars.


Burglar Bar Colour Options

All our burglar bars come in standard colour options – White, Sand, Bronze, and Charcoal. Other colours are available on request. Match the existing colour of your structure, at home or business, to your desired security bars.

Burglar Bar Designs

All our burglar bars are custom designed and manufactured to suit your unique requirements. We have consultants available to assist with the various options. The barriers are generally fitted to the window reveal but can also be fitted in the face-on position. Reveal fitments need a minimum clearance of 55-60. For smaller clearances, we recommend a face-on installation.

Doggy Bars and Monkey Bars is a desirable option should you prefer to stop animals from entering or exiting a building. The bars’ distance is reduced to 70mm to prevent wild or domestic animals from passing through.

Burglar Bars Maintenance

Regular cleaning and lubrication is advised to ensure that your burglar bars offer you the best durability and security. Protective barriers in coastal areas should be treated with a rust preventative spray or lubricant. For further long-term protection against corrosion, we recommend a galvanised treatment on your product.

Delivery and Installation of Burglar Bars

Delivery occurs within 10 – 14 working days when selecting from the standard colour options.  Other colours will require 14 – 20 working days lead time. Hot-dip galvanised products require up to 14 – 20 working days to be delivered and installed.

Burglar Bars Warranty

Gates2Go offer a 60-month no-fuss warranty against defective material and workmanship. Defective parts or products will be replaced pending the nature of the damage. Rust is not covered by the product warranty unless the product was manufactured without being galvanised when it was ordered as such.

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